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Christmas Bunny Dishcloth, Sari’s Artwork

Christmas Bunny Dishcloth, Sari’s Artwork


Christmas Bunny Dishcloth with a gift. Fantastic idea to give your teacher as a small thanks giving gift before christmas holidays. You can even write text on dishcloths with textile fabric pen.

Christmas Bunny Dishcloth is a product that we have printed with environmentally friendly colors and completely without water. The material is Norwegian FSC-certified cellulose fiber. Material is also further processed in the Nordic countries. The proportion of cellulose in the product is 70%. Cellulose is supplemented by cotton fiber. Cotton is no longer suitable for textile production, but would end up burdening the earth as waste. We put cotton put to good use in the process of making dishcloths. The production of the material as 100% natural fibers was already patented in the 1950s. Two factories in Europe are manufacturing this material. We use sea salt as an auxiliary ingredient in the preparation. We use salt over and over again. We tell yo with Finnish key flag that we print his dishcloth in Finland.

A natural fiber kitchen towel, like a dishcloth, is a product with a long life cycle. Dishcloth can withstand use. You can wash, boil, rins and use dishcloth again and again. Dispose old dishcloth as bio-waste. The best and most environmentally friendly way to wash and freshen a cloth: Place the kitchen cloth wide in the sink. Sprinkle soda on top. Add a small amount of clear food vinegar and let it bubble. When the foaming stops, rinse with cool water and hang to dry. The scent is fresh to wear again.

The best tip for disposal is to wrap a damp dishcloth around a store-bought fresh herb growing in soil or a rhizome in a flower pot and replant the herb or flower in a breathable pot. The cloth maintains even moisture and helps the growth process when it is planted. The material will completely settle in 24 weeks. The dishcloth therefore turns into a new growth energy. Or, when you stop using Dishcloths, dug your dishcloth into a flower bed in the garden. When you dispose of an end-of-use product in a bio-waste container, chop it into a few smaller pieces to speed up disposal. Read more about environmentally friendly cleaning on our blog.

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Dimensions 20 × 17 cm

SKU: 5570

Categories: Christmas, Dishcloths

Tags: biodegradable, bunny, dishcloth, ecofriendly, ekoliina, ekologinen, funny, grey, red, washable


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