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Eco-friendly Cleaning Day

An ecological cleaning day is built not only on durable and washable utensils, but also on detergents. The best of which can be found in your own pantry. Take advantage of blog tips and save money.

Where to start

An eco-friendly cleaning day begins by playing music and breakfast in complete peace without rushing. The sun shows where there is dust and where to wipe. Roll up your sleeves and start. In Finland we have a smart technique: When you share different cleaning chores over a week or a month, no day from morning to night is cleaning. Your home stays in good condition.

Ecological cleaning products are always high quality, washable and durable. Detergents can be found from your own pantry. Next, we will list what you can do with them. It is good to remind that there should be a separate cleaning cloth for each surface; one for the kitchen tables and one for the bathroom. Use our tips from the list to suit your own needs.

Baking soda is an affordable miracle ingredient in every home

1. You take off your shoes after a long day – oh, smell is not so good. Sprinkle plenty of soda on dry shoes overnight. Next morning, stumble on your shoes and, if necessary, vacuum away the granular soda. Fresh steps!

2. You want a wool rug on the floor for Christmas, but it smells like a basement. Sprinkle soda on the carpet, you can even rub a little. Leave on for 1-2 hours or overnight. Vacuum the carpet. Great!

3. Plush toys for children and pets . Rub soda on the surface of the plush toy and shake it off. A small amount of soda left on a soft toy is not dangerous, even if it is licked a little.

4. You wipe the fridge and it still smells stale. Put a cup of soda on the top shelf overnight and it will absorb the odors.

5. Grease stain on the tablecloth. Make a paste of soda and water, rub it into the grease stain and leave on for half an hour. Cloth in the washing machine. At the same time, the washing machine was also cleaned to a bright shine.

6. Silver jewelry is darkened and you have two hours to the party. Water, soda and strips of aluminum paper in the pan. Jewelry in and gentle boiling. Rinse the jewelry and dry the clarified jewelry as if it were new.

7. The drain does not pull properly. Sprinkle soda down the drain and pour clear vinegar on top. The mixture of soda and vinegar boils for a while. Rinse well and enjoy the shower in complete peace.

Lemon and salt – fresh and disinfectioning

8. Onions and fish on a cutting board. The smell of which is not quite desirable. Slice the lemon and rub the halves with a salt bed. Rub the salted lemon on a wooden board. It will be disinfected thanks to the citric acid in the lemon juice. When you then cut a piece of bread, it will have a wonderful aroma all over. And remember that the wood as the material of the cutting board is already bactericidal. The plastic does the opposite.

9. The stubborn tiles in the bathroom hit your eyes. Half a lemon. Rub the tiles with juicy lemon and seams clear. If you feel there is no result, add salt to the surface of the lemon.

10. You did gardening and your hands darkened. Split the lemon and insert your fingers one finger at a time into the lemon and twist the lemon. It can sting a little, but fingers will be clean.

One single dishcloth recovering 20 rolls of papertowels

Did you know that one dishcloth wipes more than 20 rolls of kitchen paper. And finally, the dishcloth is biowaste. It can be disposed of in a flower bed for new energy.

Customised dishcloth from your own design or photo

If you do not find a suitable dishcloth from our webshop, we can print yours. We print lots of customised dishcloths and only 6 pcs is minimum. Take a look CUSTOMIZED

Footsteps of Angel

And finally, a comforting story to think for those who can’t always wipe and polish: Let dusty floors just be over night. Dust nuggets are footsteps of angels. You can clean up next day as well.

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