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Giftbox KOLI

Giftbox KOLI


Giftbox KOLI is packed with a Kitchen towel and Dishcloth. This is a perfect gift to send by post to any friend in the world. Let us know what to write on a card and we’ll send your wishes along.

Giftbox KOLI is ready-made giftbox of Kitchen towel and Dishcloth. This lovely design is painted by a famous finnish artist Eero Järnefelt. The original Koli painting is in Finnish National Gallery and you can see it on Eero Järnefel Exhibition, Ateneum Museum in  Helsinki on summer 2024.

Giftbox KOLI is full of finnish athmosphere and nature.

Additional information
Weight 0,155 kg
Dimensions 2,9 × 1,9 × 2,7 cm

SKU: 1145

Categories: Gifts

Tags: dishcloth, ecofriendly, environmentallyfriendly, gifbox koli, gift for a friend, giftbox, kitchen towel, koli


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