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Dishcloth Strawberry

Dishcloth Strawberry


Dishcloth Strawberry with a bee and flowers to bloom is perfect summergift when you meet your friends or if you are baking together.

Dishcloth Strawberry has all in one cloth. Bees are very important for nature and also strawberries to keep growing. This dishcloth or as many say sponge cloth is a cleaning cloth but can also be seen like a postcard or small gift to bring joy for everyday life.

Dishcloth Strawberry is usable if you cook strawberries and make some jam, if you make dessert of strawberries or just juice. There is always some red spots and strawberries around your table. Just wipe once and your table is clean again,

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Weight 0,010 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 0,01 cm

SKU: 4443

Categories: uudet tuotteet


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