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Dishcloth Family of Fox

Dishcloth Family of Fox


Autumn colors in a wonderful fox-themed cloth. Clean together with the children and tell fox stories at the same time.

A pair of foxes or a family of foxes glowing in wonderful autumn colors will make you happy. The fox (vulpes vulpes) is a doglike animal and that’s certainly why we like it so much. The color of the fox is usually reddish brown and the shade can vary from light yellow brown to a very deep red. Findiasta designed this Kettuperhe dishcloth just to cheer up autumn. In autumn, foxes weigh a little more, so that they can better survive the coming and cold winter.

The old name of the fox in Finland is repo. Children have also been told fairy tales about the aurora borealis being created when a fox wags its tail. Fire foxes were spoken of as prey that was valuable, as the skin was said to shine in the dark.

In folk tales, the fox is often described as cunning and cunning. It uses the nests built by others to its advantage, both for its kids and for its food stores. And foxes have not been hunted very much, because they know how to hide cunningly. Today there are also many city foxes that are very domesticated. Once upon a time, a fox slept under the window of a zoological institution in Helsinki. Foxes are also loved in cities because they naturally keep the rabbit population in check by preying on them for food. In this way, foxes are already useful animals in their own way.

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Tags: animal, autumn, biodegradable, forrest, fox, orange, wild animal


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