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Design Dishcloth Lynx Lynx

Design Dishcloth Lynx Lynx


Design Dishcloth Lynx Lynx is drawn by artist Eila Lampi. This dishcloth is environmentally friendly and machinewashable so we can say it is the best ever gift to people who loves nature.

Design dishcloth Lynx Lynx is drawn by illustrator Eila Lampi. Lynx or Lynx Lynx is a widespread feline. They live mainly in northern coniferous forests and Asian grasslands and shrublands. The lynx has tufted ears, thick and variegated fur and big, powerful paws. It’s easy to recognize if you can just see it.

The lynx eats mice, hares and other small animals in the forest, sometimes even ungulates. As a rule, it lives alone and moves at night or at dusk. People rarely see lynxes in the wild. Lynx reproduction is not strong, as the female only gives birth to a few cubs a year.

In old folk tales and fairy tales, lynxes rarely appear, but the movie Boy and Lynx became very popular in Finland. Instead, the lynx appears in the coats of arms and it is also the provincial animal of Kanta-Häme. In addition, we have the constellation Lynx, which is difficult to visualize. It is located on the left side of Otava.

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