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Dishcloth Saunakiuru

Dishcloth Saunakiuru


Dishcloth Saunakiuru is a perfect gift for sauna lovers.

The dishcloth Saunakiuru is the perfect gift for a sauna lover or a summer gift for a sauna evening. As the tossing increases, the sauna kiuru´s contented and muffled sigh turns into an louder puff. Saunakiuru therefore loves a good steam and always reserves the hottest corner of the sauna for herself/himself. After the sauna, however, she takes a dip in the lake to cool off and enjoy the summer.

A dish rag is also a perfect housewarming gift for a home with a sauna. The dish towel can be combined together with a sauna and a sauna puil, with a sauna pillow or with a sauna scent.

The humorous dishcloth that blends in with the nature bird dishcloths is the handiwork of Petri Törmänen.

You are invited to take off all your clothes and go to a little room heated to almost 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), where you will sit, naked, with others for a while and sweat. Then you will go outside and jump (still naked) through a small hole in the ice on a lake, the sea or whatever and refresh yourselves in the freezing water – or roll in the snow instead.

In short, “What about a sauna?”

The answer should be simple. Be courageous and say “yes” – because if you don’t you will miss a deliciously relaxing experience which will provide a vital insight into the culture and mentality of your Finnish hosts.

Saunas have existed in other cultures, but in Finland they have become entwined in the national culture. In days gone by, they were the most practical place to wash during the long winters when there was no hot running water. You can still find people in Finland who were born in a sauna. Not when it was heated up, of course, but it was a sterile place where hot water was available.

Saunakiuru Dishcloth is a best ever gift.

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