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Dishcloth Rantasaunasipi

Dishcloth Rantasaunasipi


Dishcloth Rantasaunasipi – always on cottage is a fun little surprise for a loved one who loves a cabin or when visiting a cabin.

The dishcloth Rantasaunasipi is bird which would be always in cottage. The summer house-loving shorebird is a energetic bird who can’t stay in place once he gets to the cottage. The beach sauna is also always warm, so in the evening, after a busy day, it’s the perfect time to go the sauna, and after sauna, taking a dip in the lake is the highlight of the evening. That’s why this dishcloth is the perfect little surprise when visiting a cottage.

The humorous dishcloth that blends in with the nature bird dishcloths is the handiwork of Petri Törmänen.

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Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 0,001 cm

SKU: 7390

Categories: Dishcloths

Tags: dishcloth, summer


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