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Dishcloth Happy Harvest

Dishcloth Happy Harvest


Dishcloth Happy Harvest is autumn’s loveliest cleaning cloth. You can wrap it with a basket of vegetables as a gift for a neighbor or send it to relatives in America who celebrate Halloween.

Happy Harvest dishcloth is a cloth suitable for an autumn flower bouquet or harvest basket. Autumn leaves, berries and wonderful orange colors are beautifully displayed in this model.

Happy Harvest dishcloth is a decoration for Halloween parties and can also be used as a coaster. Did you know that Halloween comes from the words All Hallow’s Eve? The party mood has changed over the years, but candies and pranks are part of this party like a nose to the head. In Finland, the Happy Halloween dishcloth is more of a cleaning cloth that brings autumn color to the kitchen than a party item. But it can also be used as a card.





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Weight 0,011 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 cm

SKU: 7550

Categories: Dishcloths

Tags: autumn, berries, dishcloth, ecofriendly, halloween, pumpkin, swedishdishcloth, wreath


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