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Dishcloth Edelweiss and Bretzel

Dishcloth Edelweiss and Bretzel


Dishcloth Edelweiss and Bretzel bring to mind a Bavarian summer vacation or an autumn Oktoberfest party. If you have wonderful memories that you would like to remember, use this cloth to wipe away your thoughts. It is suitable for a picnic on top of a lunch basket.

The Edelweiss and Bretzel dishcloth is like a souvenir from the Bavarian region. It combines the two pearls of German culture, the salty pretzel, which can be seen on the shelves of all cafes and station kiosks. Bretzel is also a friend of Radler drinks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

The Edelweiss and Bretzel dishcloth is also suitable as a side dish for a lunch basket when you go on a picnic with friends. It can be used to wipe crumbs as well as wet stains off a picnic basket or table.

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Weight 0,011 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 cm

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Tags: bretzel, compostable, edelweiss, environmentallyfriendly, oktoberfest


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