Klapi Sauna Pillow and Aromatic Strainer Ball


Klapi saunapillow is made in Finland from top high quality linen material. Machine washable.

Aromatic strainer with dried birch leaves is a modern gift, which gives you the lovely midsummer smell and feeling everytime you go to sauna. Put one spoon of dried birch leaves into strainer ball, let it be 10 minutes in hot water and you have lovely smell, when you throw this water to hot sauna stove. One gift can is fullfilled with birch leaves and one strainer ball.

Design by Susanna Myllymäki

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Klapi saunapillow ia designed by Susanna Myllymäki and made in Finland from linen material. Klapi products have DFF (Design From Finland) and Keyflag symbols and labels to guarantee that products are high quality and made in Finland. This saunapillow are machine washable and material inside keeps the form.

Aromatic Strainer Ball was invented to help a problem in all sauna countries; What kind of a gift to give for a person who allready has all he needs. In Finland we don’t want to use any chemicals, only natural herbs and flowers to get lovely smell around us even in sauna. On summertimes we like to get vihta (birch whisk) and bath with it, but it is very messy after all. Susanna Myllymäki had an idea to put together modern saunalinving, old tradition with vihta and lovely smell of birch leaves – this is how aromatic sauna strainer ball was made. More Joy Company is buying all birch leaves from finnish teenagers, who pick up leaves from countryside together with forrest owners.

Klapi design is made in finnish countryside, where you are able to see lots of wood and these cute, small manmade firewood. This stylish design fits also to modern sauna in cities.

Linen material can be used from year to another and it gets even better after every use.

Packing includes one pillow.

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