Becoming a MORE JOY reseller

The MORE JOY Reseller Program is committed to offering you a vast variety of opportunities without sacrificing the ‘ease of use’ that our partners have already learned to appreciate.



As a MORE JOY reseller, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Fast delivery time
  • Constantly evolving collections to choose from
  • Best selling design updates and recommendations
  • Marketing support and materials that help you boost sales
  • Accurate high quality prints
  • A high level of customer satisfaction through product quality
  • Various packaging services


Our MORE JOY resellers qualify with a profile such as the following:

  • Financial capabilities to create a sustainable business
  • Sharing the commitment to deliver the MORE JOY brand promises and values
  • Having a market specific growth target and striving for growth in their target area


Our reseller program has two levels:

  • Boutique buyers (small-scale wholesale buyers, e.g. gift and souvenir shops, web stores, book and flower shops)
  • Department stores and chain stores




We are happy to answer any questions you may have, but you may also find these answers helpful:

Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
The minimum order is 12/24 units per design depending on the reseller level.

What is the average delivery time?
The delivery time for our products in stock is 2–5 weekdays within Europe and 3-7 days globally.

What is the delivery method for your products?
We deliver mainly via DHL, as well as through customer’s own freight and freight agreements.

What are the average freight costs?
Freight costs vary widely by day and by destination, and need to be calculated case-by-case. However, they start from approx. EUR 20 (USD 24).

At what value does an order qualify for freight free delivery?
The limit within Europe is EUR 2500 €.

Is it possible to get an exclusive right to sell More Joy products?
We generally do not grant exclusive rights, but you can inquire about the possibility by contacting us at

Does MORE JOY offer the resellers any marketing support and material?
MORE JOY offers a variety of marketing materials. We also support the resellers by constantly developing the MORE JOY brand, expanding our collection and by carrying out various marketing activities globally.