More Joy bring joy for everyday life!

Morejoy is born to bring happiness by design. Beneath the fresh, playful patterns and the modern Scandinavian design lies even more. Above all Morejoy is a personal messenger to remind us about the most important thing in life – joy.

Our passion is to combine usability with sensibility and get inspired by the beauty of the northern lifestyle. With Morejoy we cherish the nature and all the small, precious moments of daily life.

Our collection of joyful kitchen towels, textile and gift items live a long life and are made of recyclable materials. They can be customized with a personal theme or message for both home and business use.

Our story dates back to 1997 when we, a finnish designer couple Susanna and Mikko Myllymäki, desided to share our passion for artcraft and childhood dream of entrepreneurship.

Since early days, the Morejoy brand has gain name and fame among everyday estheticians in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. One day it will be a cachet for ecological housewares design and bringing joy to more and more people all around the world.


Susanna ja Mikko Myllymäki


Susanna_Myllymaki_valiSusanna Myllymäki, Designer and CEO
Nature and modern style are the most
important elements for design.



Mikko_Myllymaki_valiMikko Myllymäki Production Manager
Economical development of print and
production line brings joy and passion
for everyday work.


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